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Our agenda committee is looking forward to announcing more breakout sessions and client presenters in February 2020! Download phase 1 of the agenda below.


Keynote: Jim Stickley

Jim Stickley has stolen credit cards, hacked Social Security numbers, robbed banks, and created fake ATMs. He has broken into armed government facilities and has stolen from teenagers. He is an identity thief, but he is no criminal. Fortunately for all victims involved, Stickley is a cybersecurity expert with over 20 years in the industry who was hired to perform these attacks by corporations testing their security, news agencies investigating security concerns, and other media outlets interested in knowing just how easy it is to commit identity theft. His job is to find security flaws before the real criminals and warn people and organizations about what they can do to protect themselves.

Stickley is a published author and has been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers including Time Magazine, Business Week, Fortune Magazine and New York Times. He has also been showcased on numerous television shows including NBC's "Nightly News", CNN's "NewsNight", CNBC's "The Big Idea", Anderson Cooper's "Anderson" and is a frequent guest on NBC's "Today Show.” You can also see Stickley almost any night of the week as the featured cybersecurity expert for LifeLock infomercials.

Jim Stickley Headshot

Keynote: David Phillips

David is the founder of Faster Glass, an innovation enablement firm that helps organizations accelerate their progress from challenge to solution. Equal parts educator, facilitator, and instigator, he equips leaders to unleash the knowledge and creativity of their people through the discipline of Human-Centered Design. 

Before forming Faster Glass in 2010, David spent six years at Bank of America where he developed and led programs focused on integrating the principles of innovation into a Six Sigma culture. Prior to his time in financial services, David served in a wide range of roles in public accounting, public education, and the U.S. Air Force. 

Breakout Speaker Highlights

Ashley Goosman

Business Continuity & Crisis Management Specialist at Liberty Mutual Insurance

Risk Management & Business Resilience Director

Business Resilience Manager at Palo Alto Networks

Vicky McKim

Risk Management & Business Resilience Director at Aureon

Rob van den Eijnden, MBCI, CISA, CRISC 22301LA

Global Business Continuity & Resilience Leader at Philips

Don Bailey

Director Business Continuity at The Hanover Group

Specialized Program Tracks

This multi-day program features discipline-focused tracks and program levels — Foundational, Established, and Advanced — designed to help you best leverage the system and uncover new perspectives on expanding your program.

Check out the session highlights below!

Business Continuity Management

  • Fundamentals of Business Impact Management
  • How to Streamline Your BIA and Plan Development
  • Streamlining Exercise and Incident Tracking
  • Output Documents with Conga

Risk Management

  • Introduction to Risk Assessments
  • Understanding and Establishing Risk Management in Fusion
  • Leveraging Tactical Data to Inform and Improve Your Enterprise Risk Program
  • Creating a Dynamic View of Organizational, Risk, and Control Data in Fusion


IT Disaster Recovery

  • Getting Started with ITDR Planning
  • IT/DR Planning II: Advanced Skills
  • Effectively Conducting Application Impact Analyses
  • Exercise and Simulation Support for ITDR

Third-Party Management

  • Getting Started Managing Vendors and Third Parties
  • Vendor Onboarding and Performance Tracking
  • How to Automate Your Vendor Risk Management Program


Crisis & Incident Management

  • Making Crisis Management Planning Successful
  • Getting Started with Crisis and Incident Management
  • Improving Incident Management with Automation and Situational Awareness
  • A Vision and Solution for Advanced Crisis Management

Platform & Program Administration

  • Fundamentals of Platform Administration
  • Analytics I: Getting Started with Reports and Dashboards
  • Analytics II: Enhanced Data Visualization
  • Getting Started with Plan Procedure Library
  • Addressing the Impacts of Digital Transformation on Your Program



  • Putting Your Users First: Creative Ways to Improve Engagement
  • Advanced Data Integrations and Data Management Tools
  • Mobilize Your Program: Exploring the Possibilities with Mobile Solutions
  • Realigning Your Program for Operational Resilience


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