The Fusion Community is unique; programs vary by industry, maturity, complexity, and goals.

At Solutions 2018, sessions are categorized so you know exactly what content is right for you. By coupling systems training with theory and strategy, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of how to increase program value. Demo sessions show you how to put concepts into practice, and interactive discussions highlight “best-of-breed” solutions built by the Fusion Community.
Whether you’re optimizing a global program, or just getting your feet wet, Solutions 2018 equips you with the knowledge and skills for continued success.


Master core skills key to building a successful program. Foundational sessions establish a strong base with the Fusion Framework System and present essential theories for practitioners to setup and maintain a successful program.


Develop the system skills to take your program to the next level. Established sessions dive into features and topics that enhance your program and help extend the Fusion Framework System across your organization.


Uncover the advanced solutions your peers are leveraging to drive newfound value in their programs. Practitioner-led, advanced sessions present the leading edge of what you can accomplish with Fusion.